Norte 2020

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Project Designation: New Crackies for All 
Project Code: NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-033314
Main Purpose: Increase competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies
Region of Intervention: North

Date of Approval: 2018-02-22
Starting Date: 01-07-2017
Completion Date: 30-06-2019
Eligible Total Cost: 1.779.865,55 €
Financial Support from the European Union: FEDER - 711.946,22 Eur

Valente Marques - Industrial S.A. was awarded a project, within the scope of 'Portugal 2020', in order to diversify production by investing in innovative and qualified activities that may contribute for the introduction in the market of 2 new products: Crackies and mini-crackies (flavours) and crackies CHOC (chocolate).
Considering the Company's vision, weaker and stronger points, threats and opportunities, the Company established the following strategic targets:

• Achieve a sustained growth of the market share and opportunity share in the food industry; 
• Increase the good image abroad of the companies in the food industry;
• Increase competitiveness of the companies generating value.

Within the structure "Product Diversification", this project will introduce innovation in the new products, locally and internationally-wise, originating other new products Crackies Caçarola branded and significantly improving the products already being commercialized. In this sense, the Company will purchase technologically advanced equipment that allow us to create these products, and make other investments so that our goals are met, namely:

• Line of flavoured crackies
• Line of chocolate crackies
• Cooling system of the chocolate line
• Transportation lines
• Packing machinery
• Weighing and separation machinery
• Weighing control and metals detection machinery
• Compressor
• Machinery assembly and erection
• Renovation works
• Consulting for the implementation of the International Marketing Plan
• PACKING of new products Crackies Caçarola
• Website in 3 languages
• Certification in Food Safety
• Training of Human Resources

Through the execution of this project, the Company expects to achieve the following results:

• A total turnover of 3 116 426, 69 €
• An international turnover of 66%
• Increase the offer of new products
• Implement and certify the Company's quality management and food safety systems 

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